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Backtest & Journal all Your Trades

Backtesting your indicators and strategies has never been easier. Get up to 3X faster results than using spreadsheets. Plus, our journaling feature gives you an edge over the competition.

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Why use TraderEdge?


Backtesting with TraderEdge is 3X more efficient than traditional methods like spreadsheets.


For each backtest get data related to important metrics like profit factor, average winning and losing trades, as well as an "EdgeScore" that grades the worth of your backtest.


Easily store and save all your backtesting data.


Built-in profit & loss calendar / trade journal. Track and analyse your monthly and weekly performance.

How Much is Your Time Worth to You?

10$ per hour? $50? $100?

TraderEdge makes you backtest 3X faster than traditional methods...

That means if you backtest 10 Hours per Month

It'll only take you 3 Hours with TraderEdge...

That means at $10/hour you’re saving $70 worth of your time.

At $50/hour its $350 Saved... and at $100/hour its $700 Saved...

Stop wasting your time!

Join Thousands of other traders and get an Edge on your Competition


Traders can use our backtester to input all of their trades as they backtest. Its intuitive interface lets them record every single trade and save time, since they don't have to write them down in a separate spreadsheet. Our backtester is 3X faster than the conventional methods, which means traders can get more backtesting done in less time. Click here to see an example of our backtester in use.

Backtester Graph

When backtesting strategies and indicators, our software automatically shows you data related to important metrics like profit factor, average winning and losing trades, as well as an "EdgeScore" that grades the worth of your backtest. The higher the score, the better; this information helps you tailor strategies to suit your trading preferences. Our software also provides live comments, letting you know how you can improve your strategy and what you should pay attention to in the future.

Strategy Library

The strategy library allows you to easily store and save all the backtesting data. After backtesting, simply click “save” and head to the strategy library. There, you can organize your backtest by category, color-code it, and even name it for easy reference. The library is a convenient way to keep track of your backtesting results without having to worry about losing them. Best of all you can continue where you left off by adding to any backtest at the click of a button.


Forward Simulator

The forward simulator helps traders estimate the potential outcome of their trading strategy based on their backtesting results.

For instance if we know that we want to have an account balance of $1000, our winrate is roughly 53%, and we take 100 trades with a 1.5:1 RR... Then this is the possible outcome of this scenario.

The biggest benefit is we can run this simulation instantly and as many times as needed to see other possible outcomes.


P&L Calendar &
Trade Journal

Our profit and loss calendar is an excellent way to track how you’ve traded over the last month. The calendar enables you to create notes on each trading day, which allows you to easily identify what’s working and what’s not. You can even write down your trading emotions for the day, as well as any trading errors you might have made that could have affected your overall performance.

“I am a consistent trader because I objectively define my Edge.”
Mark Douglas

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